Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Painting again, small stuff

Too hot for outdoors, so I made the kitchen into my studio and painted four small pieces, using a damp paper, to paint wet in wet, or wet in damp.  It's fun to do, and quite unpredictable until you remember how.  These are in my $US30 price range plus $5 s nd h.

Since there's been interest in buying these small pieces, I have refrained from binding them into an artist's book, but have put them into handmade portfolios, so that they're protected, but still separate pieces to take out and see.  This is one of the ideas I'm going to bring to the drawing class next week, as a way to keep track.

 As you see, now and then a little geometric idea gets in there and I let it.  All these paintings have ideas behind them, but I don't mind what people see in there, since it's very personal.  I sometimes think that giving titles is a bit like shoving people to see it just my way, when perhaps they see it differently.

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