Saturday, September 3, 2016

Page of Paintings

Since the approaching storm, winds already here, rain to follow, changed a number of holiday weekend plans involving being out of doors, I did a page of tiny paintings indoors.  

They are fragments of memory of places I've been in Europe,  some local flowers now in bloom hereabouts, and an apple from the farm market today.  The first painting, where the top right hand blank is, was like the first pancake, hopeless, tossed out, and the rest are to stay.

These are each about 3 x 4 inches, and will be pages in an upcoming tiny artist book, about which more later..I'm thinking of a sixteen page signature, which will mean eight more tiny paintings, and a cover I have to design and make yet, I only just had the idea, so that's not ongoing yet.

Meanwhile, here is today's output. Watercolor and round brush, tube paints, cold press paper.

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Asha Francis said...

Hello! I keep meaning to post but life gets in the way. It is so wonderful to get your email updates in my inbox! I am forever inspired by your creativity and art. I especially love the drawing you do in the park with your group. Fantastic! If you ever offer them for sale, let me know so I can save up and buy one. I love nature and I love the simple style you use.

Thank you as always for sharing your life with us.