Monday, August 1, 2016

White Rabbits and Plein Air

Today, finally, the waters receded upon the earth, and I was able to get out to the park where I'm leading the plein air sessions for our artists' collective.  Small group today, largely because people were not sure if the floods really had gone, and there are still major detours because of serious flooded underpasses, downed trees and so on.

The only difference was that the little road which runs past the park was mobbed, probably because of detours, but it was cool and cloudy, pleasant and amazingly free of biting bugs, a huge bonus.

So I met a new friend in art, and I made a few small pen drawings om mulberry paper.  Gave my new friend a couple of pages of mulberry to try out, too.

I started with a little drawing of tree roots, which started to look amazingly like an old hand, mine, to be exact.

And there were mallows, pink and in full bloom, near the dock on the canal.

The bridge, with traffic edited out

A volunteer springing from the root of an old tree

And the house across the canal, seen from the dock next to the mallows.

These drawings are done with a fine point Pilot pen, on mulberry paper, smooth side up, and are about five inches square.  I don't usually like to work in a square, unyielding shape, but it's what I had to hand.

It's so good to have revived our plein air meetings.  Such pleasure in working out of doors, and in making new friends at the same time.


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