Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Many art commitments, many simultaneous approaches

In the usual course of events in the studio, more like a four wheel skid, really, I was simultaneously thinking this morning about 

the paper weaving workshop I will be leading in September at the local Festival of the Arts, largely for kids, 

the current thinking about printing out my artwork on transparent silk, 

the other workshop I will be doing also in September for adults, on nature drawing.

And once again, it pays to have several trains of thought on the tracks at one time. I broke up that para so you could disentangle each train from the others. A literary signal box, you might way.

In the course of looking for the paper shredder and some interesting paper, for the paper weaving, and testing the shredder

 I found a stack of 3 x 5 cards, which I will use for the drawing workshop (like 5 x 8 cards, it's a golden rectangle, perfect drawing proportions). No pic of them, you know what they look like. 

And I found a painting of fish in acrylic on rough dark green canvas from a totebag, and realized this was a great candidate for a silk version.  

Also in the course of searching for paper, I disinterred several covers I'd made for artist books, which will do well to show friends in Creative Collective, and one or more of which will work at the end of the month when I assemble the month's plein air output into book form.   These are painted and printed and stamped and mounted onto either foamcore or cardboard.

So all these solutions came to me in the course of one search. 

You could say that chance favors the prepared mind, too, if you want to.

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  1. After 4 hours of cleaning a couple of weeks ago, it took me three days to find my glasses. I think I'm doing this wrong!


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