Sunday, August 7, 2016

Drawing August, sedum by the fence

This morning, not in any mood for drawing big allergy year, eyes swollen and blurry and waiting for new glasses, whine, whine, I still thought I could do a little drawing for the #drawingaugust event on Twitter.  So here's the sedum by the fence, small, pilot pen fine on mulberry paper, continuing the theme of the possible artist's book that might come out of this.

Tomorrow is Creative Collective Plein Air at Turning Basin Park on Alexander Road in Princeton, right opposite the canoe rental place.  Any local reader is invited to come.  You just show up with materials ready to do a bit of art in congenial company.  No membership needed, since you're a member just by coming along. 

We spread out around the place after we meet, since everyone has different notions of what's good to paint and draw.  But we all agree there's no hierarchy, and it's a judgment-free zone!  Just show up at 10 a.m. and look for us near the pavilion.

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