Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Collective Opening at the Gourgaud Gallery

Today was the opening of the annual Creative Collective exhibit at Gourgaud Gallery in Cranbury, and it was a standing room only crowd.  Great fun, party-like atmosphere, good food, and really a strong art exhibit, too.  As usual, the Homefront Artists joined forces with Creative Collective, with some wonderful artworks.

One sale happened almost immediately!  we're thrilled for the artist. The people coming were seriously interested in art and discussing what they were seeing and why, and I had a great convo with a couple of artists who, having seen two of my Planet Suite pieces, with all the wire and collage, printmaking and weaving and so on, were eager to rush off and try some of this for themselves. That's always a thrill when your art makes someone else want to plunge in!

I did seize the chance to recruit more participants for tomorrow's weekly Plein Air at Turning Basin Park in Princeton.  Just show up at 10 a.m. with your materials for drawing, painting, whatever you're up for.  There are no floods in the forecast this week as far as I know..

Meanwhile, this afternoon was great, thanks largely to the organizing abilities of Lynn Varga who led the event, and was able to get willing helpers at all stages.  I will be gallery sitting the next couple of Sunday afternoons, so stop by between 1 and 4 p.m. if you missed the show up to now.  During the week the Gallery is open when the Town Hall is open, since it's inside that building.

And here we all are! art, artists, families, friends.  A lot of happy kids took part, always good to see.

 You can see it was a good time!

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