Monday, August 29, 2016

Creative Collective and Plein Air August 29

Wonderful weather today, not too hot, cool in the shade, a good sign that humidity must have retreated. Perfect for working out of doors in good company.



and your humble blogger

were able to get there this morning and had a great convo as well as good art making.  Next week is Labor Day, but I'm still going anyway, and maybe people who usually work Mondays can get there next week? I live in hope.

I made two little paintings

 Sponge brush and round brush, watercolor and pilot pen

 Sponge brush, sponge, round brush, fingers

 then two little drawings

Pilot pen, fine, on mulberry paper, smooth side

 I tried painting first before drawing, to see if that affected anything, painting being looser and with many more decisions at the same time, than drawing.  I had a good time, but not sure it affected the output anyway.

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