Thursday, June 2, 2016

Many adventures, physical and techie, later, here's Leap and the Net Will Appear

And if ever I needed that net, it was in the course of navigating a mass of pix and watermarking and transferring and you don't need to know...

So here's the exhibit.  I'm very happy with the way it's looking, and I'll just list and title and let you be the judges! 


                        Towering Figures, Maggi and Oliver

                                  Open Field, Evening

                                          Open Field, Day

                                        Open Field, Night

                                     Landscape with Clouds

                                Anonymous was a Woman

                                            Gone Nova

              Weaving One, Landscape and Weaving Two, Seascape




                                      Planet Suite White

Planet Suite Turquoise

                                    Planet Suite Copper

Planet Suite Silver

                                  Holding up the Sky
Butterfly Habitat

                                   Sawblade, Bright Planet

                                  Sawblade, Dark Planet

                                     Doorway Series Four
                                     Doorway Series Brass
                                  Doorway Series Copper

Doorway Series Silver
                                Dusk Flowers with Butterfly

                                     Linen and Metal, Gold

                                 Linen and Metal, Copper

                                    Linen and Metal, Silver
                                               Flower Drift


  1. This is wonderful.
    I recognize many of these pieces, from seeing you build them, and how they came to be. As a body of work, this is so impressive, Liz. Brava, brava.

  2. Thank-you. Not only generous, but prompt! Aces in both!

  3. Wonderful, Liz...cannot wait to see the exhibit up close and personal!

  4. WOW! Looks like a great exhibit, Liz. Congratularions! Wish I could be there for your opening :)

  5. what a lovely display you have put together have a great time and hope lots of visitors, such a variety of work too

  6. Wowzers! I know I've likely seen all of these pieces over their creation, but to see them all in one post is to truly appreciate the true magnitude of what you've done. Congratulations Liz - hope the show is a resounding success!

  7. Wonderful show.
    Note: my previous comment(s) not appearing so trying again to see if its me or the blasted computer playing games with us !

  8. It appeared this time and thank you!

  9. Thank goodness.
    It has been a treat to follow along with your creations being developed. The show is very impressive and I enjoyed seeing each piece in place and saying "OOh!" and "Aww!" and "that's lovely" and "hello Dorset buttons". I'm an interactive viewer she said.


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