Saturday, June 4, 2016

Leap information and today's adventures, it's all go..

Just to be clear: the Leap and the Net Will Appear show is in the gallery inside the Plainsboro Public Library.  It gets confusing when you see a pic of the entry to the show and it looks as if it's somewhere else!  Nooooo, I think that title has to do with funding or something, some sort of official designation,  but  the show is in the libe.

It's up till June 22, open all the hours the library is open, seven days a week, go here to see all the hours on the libe website.

Then next Sunday, June 12, from 2-4 will be a reception, all local readers warmly invited to come.  At 3 I will give a talk and a sort of guided tour of the exhibit, and bang on about letting art happen.

Local people who can't get to the reception but want to visit the gallery and have a private tour, just get in touch, and we can set that up.  Glad to do that.  But if you just want to stop in and enjoy and sign the visitor's book, please do that.  It's all good.

Meanwhile, back at the patio, I broke out the paints and crayons and paper for the first time this year, to do some outdoor work, just a lovely time in the warm sun, listening to birds shouting and bees zuzzing about, and my flowers coming up nicely.  And though my skills were rusty I had a fine time.  It's one of the great pleasures of life, sitting outside to draw and maybe paint and let the sun dry the work for you.

White Iris

White Chrysanthemum

So here's the result, for what it's worth!  it's more about process than getting stuff done, though.  These are small, about 8 x 6 in. Pilot pen in black, plus Caran d'Ache watercolor crayon, and tube watercolor, using my trusty one inch sponge brush.  Nice to be doing something that's not about fibre.

I'm taking the liberty of sending this blogpost to the embroiderers' guild list as well as my own bloglist, since I've had requests to make sure they know times and dates and so on. So here you are!

I'll see some stitchers tomorrow at our annual picnic, and my other blog, Field and Fen, shows you the cooking I got up to today in their honor.

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  1. I just thought I should say that an exhibit means all the work is for sale, very reasonable prices, since I like people to be able to afford original art. If you're interested in any piece be in touch and I'll let you know price including shipping.


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