Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The embroidery stand, more adaptations!

I really love this toy!  to date I've taken it apart and reconfigured it about four times, to suit what's happening, and it's great. No tools required except my gnarly old hands do need a bit of help from the slipjoint pliers.

So here are two successful configurations to date:


The light is the stand light from my music stand, a neat little LED job, with a flexible neck, so I can aim it exactly where I'm working and with the shadow on the other side.

I found that I sometimes like to use the slanted way, as below,  but that my back likes it better when I use the flat version, seen above.  But so easy to change as needed.  I also made a new pair of front legs, 22 inches, so I can sit on the sofa and work. The 25 inch legs work for a higher chair.  As you see, no end of playtime with this.  

And I have yet another configuration, where I dispense with all but the three way joiner things at the top, and can put it either upside down or downside up, depending on the size of the canvas I'm working on. No picture of that, since I imagine you're waiting for me to stop banging on about this latest Boud the Builder craze. 

I must say, though, that for less than $15 dollars, I'm getting my money's worth in entertainment as well as usefulness.  Already wondering if I can build a nice summer canopy for the patio, using pipe and clamps and canvas, to make up for the lack of shade with the loss of most of my tree..it would fold down easily at the end of the season...I could use more of that striped material I made the curtain out front with last year..hm.


mittens said...

sounds like you have just invented a new kind of PVC Pipe Hobby, Lego Division. They are wonderful, aren't they. And how wonderful that you can just keep reinventing the same item all over, for what you need.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love this floor stand idea - in all the configurations. If I stitched anywhere else but in my sewing room I would be doing one of those too. As it is, I don't have room so I content myself with the tabletop version. Kathy will be so proud of you!

shawkl said...

So very glad to see you getting such use from your frame, and love the floor model! Hugs, Kathy

desertskyquilts said...

I love seeing your adaptations. This is a great frame.

Minimiss said...

If you're going ahead with the canopy idea, please make sure someone else does the high-up bits for you. No broken bones please.

Rebecca Peters said...

Love it. Where can I get one of these or the directions?