Friday, May 6, 2016

Eye candy, old and new

One of the Guild stitchers, Maureen C., brought in a few great buys she'd made at Etsy, including a wonderful piece of Tenerife lace, and I thought you'd like to see

Then there's probably the final series I'm exhibiting in June, newly finished, a Linen and Metal series of three: 

                                silverwork on silk on linen

                                         goldwork on linen

                         copper and metallic indigo on muslin

all dyed with various natural dyes and methods, all dowelled to hang. What you might call traditional, the Etsy finds, and new, the latest series.

I now have thirty works completed and I think I'm declaring the exhibit full!  a lot of work over two years.  But it will give me an inventory aside from this show, of items to send out to exhibit elsewhere too.  And who knows, some pieces may get a new home. I have a nibble on one of the Planet Suite series already..

When all's done, I'll put the complete catalog up in here, pix and prices and all that. 

And now I'm off for a pot of tea and a browse through whatever's on the Kindle.


  1. Eye candy is always the best - not the least bit fattening!

  2. What fabulous embroidery - all of it and that lace is to die for.


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