Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Caution: humans at work

Yesterday I decided to make a field trip to Princeton Art Museum to see the Newcomb Pottery exhibit, very exciting stuff to aficionadas, of whom I am one, of American art pottery.  A couple of my treasured possessions are Rookwood pieces, same concepts, same period.

And got there and remembered too late, the museum is closed on Mondays.  Oh.  Well, nothing daunted and at least it wasn't raining, I went next door to Prospect Gardens 

lovely formal garden area in the backyard of Prospect House, where Woodrow Wilson lived when he was president of Princeton, before he moved down a step to become POTUS...

Anyway, for once I saw the gardeners at work. Usually they're an invisible army, always keeping the place looking wonderful, but unseen.  So I had a nice chat and thanked them, discussed the tulips they were taking out, they use them as annuals, and the younger man gave me a handful of the petals he was adding to what will be compost I guess.  

I was wondering if they would make good dye material, bright colors and that.

And found on trying it out at home, with silk squares, that the bright color is about optics rather than about pigment. Almost no color transfer at all.  So, nothing daunted again, I went outside and picked a few sprigs of rose leaves, and cherry leaves, and a few begonia leaves, and rolled and steamed the lot, and here are the results.

 I rolled them together, same leaves working differently on each, interestingly. I may stitch into them maybe not, but I'll show them to my stitcher buds tomorrow evening.  At the moment I have no stitching to take in with me, the only unfinished piece I'm interested in pursuing right now being on the floor stand.  But there's no harm in chatting.

I think I'm a bit stitched out, after the push of getting everything up to speed for late May, and making it with a bit of time to spare. 

And when I manage to get to the Newcomb Pottery exhibit on a day when it's open, I'll report back. Meanwhile, here's  a link to remind you what this lovely stuff looks like. 


  1. I love the colors in that swatch you made up, delicate and interesting.

    One teeny problem: (newcomb%20pottery’s server DNS address could not be found.) is the message I got on the link you posted. Is it me? Is it thee?

  2. Thanks for the headsup. I've replaced the link with a better one.

  3. what lovely gardens and seats for people to sit on and enjoy the views. My tulips are still on flower, I leave them in for years and they multiply so much, think they need splitting now but maybe next year I will tackle them

  4. oooh - I wish I could come and see the pottery display. I love pottery (and anything made of wood). Every time I see the results of one of your 'boilings' I am inspired to give it a try too. One of these days I will go on a hunting & gathering mission (trying not to get arrested!!) so I can give it a try.


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