Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Artist in Residence, AIR 2016, last week, WIPS

This week is the last of the AIR series, and though I initially thought I might just bring out what I planned for last week, I've decided it would be interesting instead to bring out WIPS, works in progress, some planned, some designed, some under way, as an insight into the ongoing work of a person like me.

So here's the picture of what will happen.  I've hooped up a series of silk pieces in graduated sizes, all steam-dyed using leaves and flowers, and a piece of linen, dyed likewise, plus a piece of cotton, printed with metallic acrylic paint. 

None of these is stitched yet, so I will be drawing designs on them, or possibly following the lines created by the dyes.  They tend to look like landscapes, so choosing where to hoop was part of the design process.

And there will be threads, and silk blanks to see the starting point of the dyed pieces. The blanks just arrived today, very timely. I put out gold threads for this photo, but I might work the graduated series using silver.  We'll see.

That will be IT for the series! And I think it's been worth while all around. 

On Saturday, our stitching guild has a joint program with the Historical Society of Princeton in a historic farmhouse, where a few of us will be stitching in public for the afternoon and demonstrating, and I think this series plus silver threads, will be among the items I take with me.  If they let me do pix there, I will share the event with you.

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  1. Hard to believe the AIR is nearly over already. It's definitely been a worthwhile venture on so many different levels - both beneficial for the visitors but also, I think, for you.


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