Friday, March 11, 2016

Teneriffe lace turns out to be another butterfly

I went on with the Teneriffe lace piece, departing almost  immediately from the traditional pattern, and came up with this nice little butterfly.  

It's separated from the original working foundation and resting on this background for the moment to make it more visible.  When I attach it to the work it's planned for, I'll tack it down and adjust the threads enough so that it still has a bit of movement, but a bit more orderly looking.

This was just like doing a sawblade weaving in miniature, with a fine thread and a tiny area.

It was  pleasing to do this, since it was the motif that I was needing to finish a hand dyed linen piece, the one I attached the stitching on net to.  It came along at just the right time.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

A butterfly, or something you might see deep in the ocean. A jellyfish of sorts, perhaps?

margaret said...

I can almost see it fluttering in the breeze

Boud said...

Nice responses! Thank-you.

mittens said...

my first thought was a butterfly, to keep the other butterflies company