Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Incidental art, art when the shadow is better than the substance, and nn in action

Field trip to Princeton Art Museum this morning, mainly to see the current exhibit of landscapes, the Dark Satanic Mills one, very interesting study of the nineteenth century and the industrial revolution in Wales and England, with a few landscape refs to Italy.

Some very nice Turner watercolors, two later ones with much energy, two earlier ones, a bit more careful and timid before he broke out.  A nice Constable.  And a raft of artists I was not familiar with at all. Some Monet, reminding me that he did live in London for a while when there was a war in France.  

Very worth seeing this show, for the social significance, about the environment, as well as the historical background.  And some great art going on, foreshadowing other later painters. Couple of great night scenes of blast furnaces at the steelworks in Cardiff, like ones I saw as a kid in the town I lived in.  Exhibit set up by arrangement with the national Museum of Wales.

The bright sun today was great for shadows out of doors, too, and once again I found that the shadows cast by the Any Body Oddly Propped installation much superior to the substance of the work itself.  Here's sun reflected twice, through the work itself, then onto the wall of the art museum.

And here's the colored shadows as the sun falls through the stained glass sections.

On the way back to the car, since there's a lot of construction and renovation  going on, as always, I noticed this great heap of sand, looking like a landscape, since I was ready to see landscapes everywhere after visiting the exhibit.  

Probably the best item of the day. Only a couple of feet high and maybe six across.

And, since work goes on apace with the spinning -- I've got the idea of what to use the yarn for, a weaving I have  in mind, idea came in the middle of the night, and need to get on with making it -- I thought I'd show you the niddy noddy's maiden voyage with yarn strung on it.

It's ready to tie with string in sections, then soak in hot water then take off the nn, bang the hank on the floor, to set the twist further, and hang to dry.  Very physical work, spinning.

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  1. Your landscape shot is fab. I love the shadows formed on the really smooth cliff face.


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