Sunday, March 13, 2016

Goldwork "Gone Nova" final stages

Here comes the goldwork I was involved with in Week One of the AIR 2016.  At this point it's ready to assemble and frame.  As I worked with it I realized it's part of the Planet Suite.  This is one planet that's gone nova -- exploded and flinging parts and flashes in all directions in space.  Technically it may be stars that do that, but the gist is fine.

So here it is, and I thought you might like to see the stages as it came to be complete.  This is the work itself, goldwork on printed cotton lawn. I used monotype making ink for the printing.

Then here's the underside piece of silk I dyed, and attached as a base for the piece, with a bit of show-through

And here's the assembled work, goldwork overlaid on the silk.

The colors from the silk show through more to the eye than to the camera.
Now for the framing. A plain black metal 12 x 12 inch shadowbox frame wasn't quite up to the nova concept, so I painted it with gold metallic acrylic. 

I love doing this.  You start thinking, oh, framing, oh joy, not, then once the painting starts it becomes oh, right, I like doing this and seeing how it comes out.

Pretty simple, in fact. I take the plastic shrinkwrap the frame came in, paint the frame with the acrylic, using a sponge brush, then scrumple up the plastic and just sort of press it down into the wet paint.  Great fun how it comes out!  and that paint in the saucer will be a great bit of collage material once dry and peeled off.

I'm thinking of doing this with a piece of furniture by my bed which could urgently use some spiffing up, but I digress. Anyway, since the shrinkwrap would be tossed anyway, it may as well earn its keep first.

I think that framing isn't just an afterthought -- it's part of the artwork, which is why I tend to leave things framed once done, since each frame has either been chosen or upcycled to work with the artwork. 

This week I'm thinking of demo'ing stumpwork, to see what that is stay tuned!  and come on Thursday if you're local, and I'll also bring in this goldwork piece, all being well, so people who have become regulars can see the progress.

Another week when I bring in my Vilene and net adventures, I'll have to think about the butterfly/strange creature I made with Teneriffe lace, which now lives on that piece with the V and net items.

So I have to get out my stumpwork, and I have another in mind already..


  1. your planet piece looks great and can just see the silk underneath, what a good idea re the frame liking the scrunching up and mottling the paint

  2. I like how the dyed fabric shows through to the art - subtle, but adds a lot to the overall look. Like this one!


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