Saturday, March 5, 2016

Goldwork goes on

The work I took to demo on at the residency session is this piece, a cotton lawn piece, which I printed with blockprinting ink, and now I'm elaborating with goldwork.  It's starting to take shape and make sense to me now

and it's starting to talk back at this point!

And I think I have a title for the June exhibit: Leap, And The Net Will Appear.  This pretty much sums up how I make art, and as I was talking with visitors at the AIR on Thursday, it occurred to me as a good description of the wildly varied work to be seen in June.


  1. looks interesting, I am sure you are getting plenty of people stopping to see what you are doing and your other work too

  2. Leap and the Net Will Appear sounds much better than 'Going Off The Deep End' (which I have been accused of at times). Don't you love it when a piece tells you where it wants to go?


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