Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Framing done, and new weaving warped up

So here's the start of the weaving I've been talking about, here warped up on a faithful old cardboard loom, and ready to go.  

After I'd thought about whether to warp this on a big frame, since it will be a longish piece, I realized that the main body of it will be compact and that there will be long trailers.  So in the interest of portability, I warped up a cardboard loom with that dyed thread, as you see, using the plexi I'd stretched it on to dry as a feeder.  The warping goes right over the back of the loom, so as to give plenty of elbow room for the finishing.  I noted, too, that even though I had used undiluted silk dye, nothing came off on my fingers as I worked, quite a relief there, since I didn't want to carry color over to where it didn't oughta be.  

And I dyed a hank of woven yarn with daffodil yellow with a touch of the same blue in this thread, to give an interesting, nonprimary color, which echoes the blue though the observer won't know why they seem to go together.  It's still drying, so I can't work with it yet.  But I can do the establishing rows of the piece using the same thread as the warp yarn.

Just a reminder that you can make lovely woven pieces without a fancy loom.

I got the rest of the Doorway series framed, what another relief.  Of all the things I don't like doing, framing ranks high. And these pieces, fragile, moving parts, great care needed in handling and securing, and then when they're under glass you can't go in and rearrange anything. These were a bit stressful. But they're done, and I'm pretty pleased with how they look.  No pix of these, you've seen all the pieces before anyway!



  1. Every time I see you start a weaving piece it makes me want to try it, but I have to be good and stick to my plan of finishing at least half of my to-do list before I start anything new and different.

  2. this sounds an interesting piece, I too use silk paints to colour fabric etc


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