Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter eggs WIP and AIR Week Four crate

Today was about remembering finally to get eggs to blow and paint for Easter.  Completely forgot to do it until now, and had to do a quick store run to get enough eggs. Here are the eggs in waiting

And I found that the better the egg, i.e. cage free, well fed, etc., the better the shell, well we knew that, but the better to blow without cracking the shell.  It's less fragile, and more sturdy, and to my surprise either my lungs are much better than last year, which wouldn't be a surprise, in fact, or these eggs were much easier to blow.


and here are the empty shells, rinsed, and drying ready to paint. Along with the little skewer I use to pierce them, and the contents of the eggs, which will probably be a quiche in the near future. 

Every year I paint each egg differently, one for Handsome Son's collection, one for mine, and the others for other people who've been significant in the last year in some way.  Haven't decided on the recipients yet.  And I still have to get out the egg collection and other Easter items, very remiss this year.

I also needed to organize items for tomorrow's Artist in Residence session at the libe.  Here's the haul.  

Tomorrow will be about knitting and crochet and spinning, general yarn art.  I'll be bringing in a knitted hanging in progress with things not yet worked out, and two completed knitted hangings, plus some more toylike ideas which are not for the June exhibit.  Such as knitted breed specific dogs! and the Dollivers! dressed in handknits.

The Ds consider this a major photo shoot All About Them, and were less than delighted to be packed with the dogs into the hatbox ready to travel.  They insisted on bringing backup clothes with them, just in case they decide to change.

Anyway, if I feel adept enough, I'll do a bit of spindle spinning, show some crochet I've done, and talk about the artworks two of which will be in the June exhibit, see if I can get ahead on the knitted hanging.  It's all go!

Oh, and possibly one of the Planet Suite might have found a future home.  Buyer saw it recently and is seriously wanting it, so we'll see if she can budget for it. She has a couple of my artworks, and really enjoys them, so it will be an honor if another one goes home with her.


  1. Thrilled as much as the D's to be sharing in your AIR.

  2. Nice to know that someone is very willing to part with cash to take a piece of your awesome artwork home. Lots of warm fuzzies. I'm sure the D's and dogs will be a huge hit.

  3. the eggs bring back childhood memories, we never managed to blow them successfully! Good to read the residence show is going to well you worked so hard for it and glad so many are visiting

  4. I remember trying to blow eggs when my kids were small and nearly blew my brains out (which, some would say, wouldn't take much!). Haven't been anxious to repeat that process since.


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