Thursday, March 17, 2016

AIR 2016 Week Three Stumpwork

Here's the setup for this session of the Artist in Residence:

Finished works and reference books

bag of handcarved stamps

This week I actually got to do some demonstrating, since the stitchers who visited were wanting to see me set up a new piece of stumpwork. So I drew in a design on a piece of linen I'd dyed ages ago with black walnut dye, and did a shibori wrap to make it interesting, and started attaching the copper wire. I used 24 gauge for this, figuring it was a good strength for the purpose.  

Stumpwork started -- see the wire on the left, partly stitched over

I'm creating a few fronds of grasses to install on one of my stretched dyed landscapes.  Once stitched and cut out, I will turn and move them before attaching them to their canvas.

And doing this made me think of another great idea for that landscape, using some of the acrylic metallic paint pieces that I peeled off my saucer yesterday, lovely gold and other colors.  Have to consider how to attach them.

Back to the present:  As usual the raw materials, especially the silk threads, were a magnet, and the hoops and other tools, and the stumpwork reference books I brought in.  I did produce a couple of my own framed stumpwork pieces, too, to show how I'd used the technique in a design.

And I brought in some of my handcarved stamps and the archival inkpads to show people. The carved wine corks were quite a hit!

Again, there was a steady procession of visitors, usually one or two at a time, and I got only a few minutes without anyone there, which was fine, since I could stitch happily.

I'm really enjoying this AIR, interesting people with serious questions, including folks who don't do this sort of work but are intrigued by people who do!  one visitor commented that she can't see herself doing anything like this, but was glad to see that the skills were being kept up and passed on.  Fine by me, since interested viewers are important to the completion of the work.

No idea what next week will bring, yet. But the finished pieces, plus reference books plus tools and raw materials, seems to be working as a good formula, and certainly enough for me to carry.


  1. You are providing so much inspiration through doing this program. I wonder how many people will want to try these for themselves.

  2. it is so good to read that people are showing so much interest in your work, shame you are not nearer as I could pop in too

  3. Good for you, Liz, putting so much effort into making your AIR time so interactive and informative! As always, wish I could drop in :)

  4. It is an effort, yes, and it is repaid by every visitor! Some people have their summer with their kids planned around what they're learning each week!


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