Monday, February 8, 2016

The planet suite finds some habitat

A couple of the planets have now found their home in a frame.  As you see, there's a painted  backdrop, and I've also painted the frames to work better for the artwork.  Solid black too obtrusive, so I made one gold and one metallic green.

I have two more planets to frame, maybe another will happen too.

But I thought you'd like to see their progress to date.  

And to see closeups of the painted frames.

You know how to do this?  metallic liquid acrylic, paint a coat on one side of the frame with a sponge brush, then quickly apply crumpled up plastic or saran wrap, pull it off right away, and you have some really interesting effects.  Do one side at a time, since acrylic will dry too quickly for you to work it otherwise. You have to manipulate it a bit, but that's something you can learn quickly.  You can do this on any nonporous surface.  It spiffs up items a treat. 

Of course, once again I find myself trying to paint and frame at the same time.  Inadvertent multitasking.

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  1. your planets look so good in the frames and the way you have painted the frames is pretty impressive love the look the scrumpled plastic gives


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