Monday, February 29, 2016

Artist in Residence (AIR) 2016 Week One setup

Thursday of this week, March 3, from 2-4 in the gallery area of Plainsboro Public Library, we'll start the AIR 2016 with Goldwork.

I'll be bringing some examples of my own completed goldwork, reference books, my current goldwork in progress,  my goldwork thread stash, and my book of current drawings for future design ideas, for you to look at, ask about, and enjoy.  I'll be working on a piece which, when completed, will be presented as part of my June 2016 solo exhibit, here in the same gallery.

No need to sign up, just show up! visit for as long or as little as suits you.

Goldwork thread stash

General setup ready for you to see and enjoy

Every week I'll be there with a different form of textile art to work on, ranging from wire weaving to stumpwork and work on silk and linen, and reference material for you to peruse, materials to see, and samples of the same technique in my own completed work.

These nine weeks will be a kind of intro to textile arts, up close and personal, watching the exhibit being created week by week.


Quinn said...

This sounds like nothing but fun - I wish I was close enough to pop in and learn something! I had never even heard of goldwork before becoming the Lucky Winner of your giveaway, way back when.
Enjoy your Residency!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Just think of the inspiration you are giving to visitors to the library. Perhaps they will be interested in trying some of the techniques and will be the beginning of a life of creativity .

Boud said...

That would be great! Always my hope.

Quinn, I had no idea your little goldwork piece was a new experience for you. Kewl.

margaret said...

have a good time I am sure you will inspire so many people with your creativity

Rose said...

What a wonderful opportunity!

Minimiss said...

Your A-Z of Goldwork looks suspiciously like a Country Bumpkins (Inspirations Magazine) publication. I have a couple of their books. Great references for all things stitchy.