Saturday, February 13, 2016

Another planet swims along

You'll notice that these planets are circular, not seen sideways as if in orbit around the Earth.  I'm seeing them as from above.  It occurred to me that I should mention that, not assume it's obvious.

Here's our latest.  This is definitely pushing the definition of textile art, when it involves painting and printmaking, too, as well as collage.

It's a sawblade weaving, with a painted and printed background, and collaged pieces of dried acrylic metallics off the palette, and I painted the frame to work with the interior bronze and copper accents.  There are features that are a bit difficult to see except in person -- a v shaped path behind the planet sloping down to the right, and all kinds of tracks and marks.

Frame size 12 x 12.  I'm happy to report that I remembered to take the pic before installing the glass, for once.


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