Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Tapestry is growing apace

More work on the tapestry this morning, while I wait for my supplies of wire to arrive to continue with the planets.

Here we are, with the insert temporarily in place, and the design going on pretty well

 Closer up, with a cloth behind to let you see better

And stepping back so you can see the relative size of it to the surrounding furniture. Weaving includes the copper wire, llama yarn, perle cotton, boucle and merino roving.  The textures are nice when you encounter this in person, particularly between the sharpness of the fine copper wire and the cloudlike softness of the roving.  The next section will use the llama yarn, for a darker contrast to the light yarns at the bottom here.

Possibly one or more more inserts might happen, too.

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margaret said...

this is coming along so well and loving the variety of threads you are using