Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Sawblade Weavings are now becoming the Planet Suite

The sawblade weavings are moving right along, and I was thinking planets and a planet suite series of freestanding weavings, then it dawned on me that this is the centenary, more or less, of Holst's Planet Suite.  Cool, I knew there was a subterreanean process going on there, and now I've identified it.  These are ideas of planets rather than literal interpretations of them.  And if I want Pluto, I'll HAVE Pluto!

So once again I'm doing several things all at once, but these will probably work pretty well.  Here's the latest:

You notice it's still on the sawblade.  That's because I had another idea:  I had warped the blade across the back anyway, so as to have long fringes.  But I realize I can do a second weaving on the back, using the one warp for two pieces, and still have some inches of fringe to work with.  So I'm trying that out.  Stay tuned.

These are also pretty resilient for displaying other than in the gallery.  They can be touched without damage, unlike a lot of unframed embroidery.  So there are possibilities here.

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  1. This is fascinating.....once I got it through my head what you were actually talking about! Wow!


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