Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Planets are pushing their way in...

This is the latest in the planet visitation.  Copper wire warp, roving, floss and perle cotton weft, with boucle yarn.

 This is the same piece on two backgrounds.  One a green rug, one a pale yellow wall.  Very similar lighting though.  Huge difference in effect.  I like this a lot, since it means that as the light changes in the exhibit, the piece will change its nature.  This will probably be true of other pieces in this series, too.  

And I like the way the fringes wave wildly when on the rug, as they will if included in a tapestry and secured that way. It contrasts with the quieter effect of gravity if the piece is secured only in the main body and the fringes left loose.  The wire retreats on the green surface, and is assertive on the wall.  Future thinking there.

Note to self: need more copper wire.

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margaret said...

I am wondering do you sleep, this project is coming along so quickly with all the weaving, this latest piece looks so good and yes so different with the different backgroinds