Friday, January 8, 2016

Sawblade weavings, both sides of the loom

I completed two more sections of the planet piece, and thought you might like to see how they were set up, one on either side of the sawblade, using the same warping for both.  Here's the blade with the other side showing in the mirror

and here's the completed second side, still attached to the loom. Spanish merino roving is that cloudy area, and there's llama yarn as well as other threads.

and here are the two pieces, now released from the loom, warp ends knotted off. I love the wildness of the warp ends, and want to preserve that if I can

 At this point I'm wondering if they are freestanding or should be included in the big tapestry.  I'll try out the idea and see.  I like the freestanding notion, though.

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