Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Raw materials, jewelry, Vilene and net stitching

Today was about playing about with a lot of jewelry parts and bits, donated to the studio by Julie D., thank you, and here's the general effect:

Then I did some selecting and wielding of tinsnips, to get a selection that I can work on for my next planet wire weaving

Still a lot of raw jewelry material to use in other artworks.

But I have to have portable work, too, since tonight is stitch-in time, and soon, Saturday, Feb 6, to be exact, will be the national EGA Stitch in Public Day. I need something to work on then as a demo for anyone who comes by to see and maybe decide to get into this artform, or back into it. 

Local folk: watch this space for more info next week on this. It will be a joint Stitch in Public and chapter reception in celebration of the Fortieth Anniversary of our founding, with three founders to be present.  All free and open to the public.

So here's the setup for that piece:   Vilene stamped with an image I carved into a stamp, and repeated here, with a net overlay to be stitched over. The threads you see in the bag I dyed from white cotton thread.  They're in the colorway the other appliques are made of.

This motif will be added to the big dyed piece, you saw earlier,  which needs another element added in to the three stitched appliques currently in place to consider itself done.  I like to show that embroidery can cover a wide range of approaches, and all are good.


  1. you have some nice bits of jewellery there for your project. Have a good day demonstrating your many skills to the public


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