Thursday, January 21, 2016

Onward to the Butterfly Habitat

I have finally managed to get the habitat organized ready to receive the butterflies I've been working on, well, I'm still working on, a couple more small ones to go.

You remember the idea of the knitted and crocheted area for them?  I tried it out and found that the butterflies didn't go very happily with the colors of the yarn, which will end up as something else.  

So I thought again, and remembered another piece, which is a white openwork knitted and stretched piece on which I'd put knitted wire fish, and exhibited it.  Sooooo. Here's a better idea for it. The fish are now swimming on the walls of the downstairs bathroom to amuse visitors who didn't expect to walk into a menagerie, and the stretched piece is now in use again.

I had found a big dyed and embroidered piece which I had exhibited years ago and quite liked then, but which I now could see how to use much better.  So I took it off the original backing I'd set it up on, and stretched and stapled it, since it's transparent fabric, on top of the knitted piece.  And that's the new butterfly habitat, incorporating several ideas at once.  Liking this.  You can see the shape of the white openwork underneath, and the colors floating above it.

It's long and narrow, one of my favorite shapes, about 30 x 15 inches, and I couldn't get a good pic of it all at once, so you see here two images, which would overlap in real life, but which show you the whole thing. 

They are different in widths owing to the ineptitude of the photographer, and the limitations of the light, but it's one big piece.  To see how it works, notice that big jagged shape in the top left of the bottom pic?  see where it comes in the top pic.

So this is the Empty Habitat! awaiting its occupants. Who will no doubt demand better photography, which I will try to supply. Right now the priority is making the thing.

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