Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year and New Art to All!

I spent New Year's Day, once I got my eyes operating, doing weavings using the sawblade which seems to have become a vital tool in the studio.

The idea was to make a couple of inserts for the big weaving, but it got away from me, and I think I may have one freestanding small weaving, using cotton perle thread and boucle yarn

 and one, using llama yarn and fun fur, which will be part of the butterfly habitat one, part of a tree with hanging foliage.  Here I'm showing it before 

 and after painting

If you wonder how this stuff came from a sawblade loom, what I did was warp it completely across the back as well as the front. 

This means that when the weaving is complete, you cut the warp threads from the middle of the back, and end with a huge and lovely sweep of fringe for your finished piece. This is different from warping just around the teeth, when you end with short warp ends to knot and tie off.  Different style.

You can arrange the fringe like a sunburst, if that suits your purpose, and fix them with either stitching, or weaving into a bigger piece.  For these, I wanted them trailing, though.

You can do this with a cardboard loom, too, if you want to weave a seamless bag -- just continue the weft thread across the front, turn and continue across the back.  Since cardboard bends, it's not hard to remove the loom at the end of the piece.

Next I'll try to make a couple of inserts for the big weaving, wait, this sounds familiar. I remembered to update the year on my copyright notice, my New Year's Resolution already done!  No need to get carried away planning major life changes.


mittens said...

these are absolutely amazing, Liz. I even showed my husband and he said the same thing. I can hardly wait for the butterfly.

Asha Francis said...

Wow these are so awesome! I especially love the blue and white ones. You continue to awe me with your creativity.

Boud said...

Great encouragement thank-you! Asha I was wearing my cowl today out walking. So soft and warm, and I was thanking you for it.

margaret said...

this project is super so enjoying watching your progress

Joyce P said...

Beautiful objects, Liz!

Nice to hear that the car may be finding a new home.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, that's what I get for being good and going through the posts in the proper order. If I had, I would have seen that you'd already done another piece on the saw blade.