Saturday, December 26, 2015

Warped up saw blade weaving continues

I've started to introduce hair-fine copper wire into this now, and you see that it's going to be a part of the shape, not traveling all around. More interesting composition that way. I'll get into it with a big needle to fluff up the fibers. Then there will be  more yarns of varying kinds.

If you're wondering about all the ends sticking out: this is the back! after it's done and I remove it from the blade/loom, I'll see how it looks.  There will be weaving in, probably. 

What's hard to detect in the picture is that there are a couple of different shades of yellow going on here, and some handspun and dyed yarn in there, too, and some sparkly yarn.

And I think the extreme outer edge I'll weave with copper wire, 26 gauge,  to keep its shape after it's off the loom, since it will be mounted on a bigger weaving.

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