Monday, November 2, 2015

Second Butterfly and a couple of artworks to be exhibited

Art goes on, with a second butterfly on the hoop, with a color scheme of turquoise, silver and chestnut brown with some dark blue

And tomorrow, these two pieces will go on display at Terhune Orchards in Lawrenceville.  Local readers can stop by over the next few weeks -- there is to be an open house and wine and pie event there the weekend of November 14 and 15, and I'll be there on the Sunday, demo'ing a bit of stamp carving and showing the butterflies to date.


Meadow, monotype, image size 3.5 inches by 6, framed at 10 x 12. Price $150US plus $10 s and h, and I can ship.  This one would ship portfolio style (no frame, no glass, for safety).  You frame to suit.

 Tidepool, beading, stitching, tyvek, framed at 8.75 inches square. Can be shipped in this frame, sturdy stuff.  $200 plus $15 s and h. 

Local buyers are asked to wait till the end of the exhibit to pick up, but out of town buyers can have shipping right away, and I can put other works in place so the exhibit doesn't have a hole in it.

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  1. the butterfly is a lovely combination of colours and your other 2 pieces are very nice too, I have some tyvek somewhere! long time since I played with that maybe the time has come to search for it and have another play.Best of luck with the sale.


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