Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Creative Collective hangs the last show of the season at Terhune Orchard

There will be more exhibits elsewhere this season, watch this space, but this is the last of the season at Terhune, since the barn is unheated and the audience diminishes on the farm in winter.  Back again in March next year.

The show is large and varied, and I can't do justice to it here, just give you a few tastes of some of the artists whose work was hanging. It ranges from mixed media drawing, painting, bronze casting, stonework, stitching, ceramics, amazing range of talents.  So I'll just whip a few, very few compared to the exhibit, pix by you and invite you if you're in the central NJ area to stop by before early December and see for yourself.

Some of us will be there again over the weekend of November 14 and 15, when there will be pie (!) and wine and artists meeting and greeting.  The pie and wine tasting are a big Fall event at the orchard, and we're invited to be there, too.  I plan to demo some block carving on Sunday afternoon.  So that would be a good time to meet, greet, enjoy pie, wine and art!

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