Monday, October 12, 2015

Stitching gets derailed by printmaking

So musing on that big yellow piece and the possible Dorset buttons and other things, I ended up finding my hand carved stamps and making a meadow on it instead, in archival sepia ink.

This is partly because I invited a friend to do the dollar tour of the place, including my studio, a very rare event for me, don't ask to come, the planets have to be in the right configuration for me to invite. But anyway, her take on a lot of items was very valuable, and I suddenly as a result of our chat had much better thoughts on how to make that yellow dyed linen piece.  The ingredients will find another home in another artwork once I get to sorting it. Thank you Margaret!  

Stitching may ensue on the yellow piece, but may not.  I have been drawn back into printmaking from the #printoctober activity on Twitter.  And I have plans to carve more prints with subjects I need next.

So here's that yellow piece, 20 x 16, but all different now

And a piece you haven't seen, an 8 x 10 monotype in blue dye on coarse linen overstamped with handcarved images.  There are butterfly like shapes and other natural objects in the blue dyed areas.

Quinn, you have no idea what an impact you had on me back in August when you wrote that blogpost about #drawingaugust!  from drawing more, though I always did, to #paintingseptember, painting again after a hiatus, and now to printmaking again, my lifelong love.  And learning to watermark my work.  

Well, when the student is ready the teacher appears.  Which is just another way of saying that chance favors the prepared mind, come to think of it.

On a less elevated plane, that curving shape that looks a bit like a dancer in the blue and white linen piece is in fact a carving I made based on the architecture inside a deer's nose!  just sayin'. You just never know where great design is to be found.


  1. It is lovely. I really enjoy your posts about your art.

  2. The intriguing thing about the first work photographed is that it also sort of looks like women in long skirts swishing around in the field.

  3. These are really nice, you never cease to amaze me with that you can do. :)

  4. your stamping/printing has really taken the yellow piece to a higher level and the blue one looks great too

  5. Love your prints but are you really surprised?


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