Friday, October 2, 2015

October brings printmaking...

So, among all the stitching -- work on two pieces today, desultory, but oh well, teaching some goldwork for the stitching guild on Sunday, so that counts..

Anyway, October is PrintOctober on Twitter, so I thought I'd start by sending in a favorite, not new, but I really love it.  It's stamped, using my own carved stamps, on mulberry paper, and it depicts a little pod of small whales I saw from my hotel balcony some years ago -- those are the hotels along the ocean -- but seen from the whales' viewpoint.

And here 'tis



  1. this is charming--i envy you seeing the whales =)

  2. so creative and how lucky you were to see the whales the nearest I have got is to ee them on the tv


  3. great creative idea.....from a Whale's viewpoint!


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