Thursday, October 15, 2015

Linen cloth, ready for her closeup, and current print

I'm posting a couple more pix of the linen and embroidered tablecloth, in the hope that you can help me identify the type of embroidery.  It's too much to ask if you can see if it's hand done or machine, but experts might know some of the signs they see.

Here are two views.  This is a heavy piece, weighs several pounds because of the weight of the stitching.  This is why I didn't take it in to stitch in last evening, to get expert eyes on it, because I was already carrying a lot and couldn't add this in.

The pinkish tinge is not visible to the eye, but shows up to the camera lens. It's the effect of the wall behind the cloth.

And here's the current print and embroidery combo.  I carved this stamp yesterday morning, you see it in the foreground, using that soft carving material whose name escapes me, but it's much easier on the hands than lino for cutting.  All my stamps are carved on this material, and it lends itself to fine detail if needed.  

Then I stamped it, using an archival sepia inkpad, onto pieces of linen and silk, all dyed by me, to make a flock of butterflies. I plan to wire their wings, giant stumpwork style, so that I can pose them as if flying or landing.  

At least that's the plan, as always, the plan could see the first butterfly on a 6 inch, I think, hoop, stamped on linen dyed with black walnut, and ready for whatever transpires as I work.


Minimiss said...

My guess is a needle(point) lace of some sort. Possibly Groz Point de Venise or Point de France with draw thread work thrown in for good measure. Here is a link which might help you identify it.

Love your butterflies.

Boud said...

Thank you! that site is well worth perusing for its own sake, too.

margaret said...

such beautiful work though cannot help you with what it s, I have tablecloths worked in a similar way by my grandmother who did a lot of Hardanger and pulled work but I was only 10 when she passed away so too young to have known about things then. Your buterfies are lovely