Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ta dah! revealing not only today's paintings, but...

But also what amounts to me as a technological breakthrough.  Thanks to Handsome Son and Quinn and my own artistic inability to let well enough alone, I have succeeded in learning to watermark my work.  Since it gets pinned and borrowed and generally moved about by other people who don't think to ask, I may as well have my watermark on there so that if that happens I can at least be credited with it.  Best I can do right now, I think.  I have a thing or two more to learn about sizing, but for now I have started. I think it's not as important what it says as the fact that it's there and it puts people on notice that I have done this.

Anyway, technological feats aside, I have been doing a couple of small rapid paintings each morning before the day gets too hot.  The birds appear around me, they like the atmosphere of peace, I think.  And the paintings are more in the nature of a meditative practice than anything else, no stress involved, just absorption. 

This is art in your pajamas!

 Sunflowers and marigolds, late, against the fence

Copper birdfeeder, courtesy of Heather, awaiting the arrival of copper birds..

It's the best kind of work, where you are engrossed, looking, acting, thinking without words, and surprised at what happens!

For those interested in the techie side of this, these were done with caran d'ache watercolor crayons, partly used as crayon, partly used as if they were pan colors, and a bit of finish work with the Pilot Extra Fine point pen.  Limited palette -- a yellow, a brown, some red, bit of orange.  On watercolor paper.  And again, full transparency, not bragworthy, just offered humbly.


  1. Beautifully done and having a techno wiz in the family is always helpful.

  2. Thank you! and techno wiz readers are great, too.

  3. Yay for you! That's one area of technology that has thus far eluded me (one of the many!!).

  4. such a good idea to watermark your work as it is so lovely and no one else should be allowed to copy and claim it


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