Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review: Plainsboro Artists Group Show 2015: Local Color

The theme of the summer program and the Fall group show for the Plainsboro Artists Group is Local Color. Artists had a free hand to interpret this as literally or as metaphorically as they chose, and to add writing to their show entry.

Note the artists' signatures on the show poster, very cool.


Most entries are for sale, and there's a strong showing, 33 entries in all, with materials ranging from found objects, including racing car parts (!)to glass and tile mosaic, to handmade paper, to photography, to dyed linen using locally sourced dyes by the artist, to classic watercolor, to acrylic, to oils.

 Gallery manager Donna Senopoulos, with a watercolor and writing entry in the show, hung this disparate group of works with great understanding of how they echoed and contrasted with one another.  She shows yet again that hanging a show is an artform in itself.  

Very much worth your while to take a trip here if you're in central NJ any time soon!  Gallery is open all the hours the library is open, every day. And even better, since Saturday September 19th from 1-5 p.m. will be the Festival of the Arts, that's a good chance to enjoy all the outdoor and indoor events (look for the embroiderers' guild there, with work in progress and beautiful finished projects), and at the same time catch the gallery show.  

The Arts Rule in Plainsboro!

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  1. such variety and such talent, thanks for sharing these with us bit far for me to come and see the exhibition!


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