Wednesday, September 9, 2015

paintseptember, now for a face

Long time since I painted a face in watercolor.  Here's an amused lady, watching the artist struggle!  challenges here were remembering to use lost and found edges, to be very loose even in a smallish painting. 

I started with a blue wash over all the picture surface, dabbed out some features and general head shape with a kleenex, then painted. I should explain, this question came up the other day from an artist, that the copyright indication only appears on the electronic form, not on the artwork itself.  So when it seems to collide with the title it doesn't matter in real life.

The way it's working in this hot weather where I can't get out much is that some stitching happens in the morning, then it seems as if a bit of painting happens in the afternoon.

Except that early morning was taken up with hauling in big plants to the house.  The ficus now hits the ceiling and bends a little bit! And the men came to re evaluate the properties (whole township is re evaluating, this always means a rise in taxes) and had to follow me over to the condo to do the same there.  Obliging of them in fact, since it is awkward to set up different appointments with different surveyors or whatever they are.  They just clicked away at an electronic clipboard, as far as I could see. Might have been playing Sudoku for all I know..

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margaret said...

lovely face can see character in your lady. Trust they do not put your taxes up too much