Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Painting September, as if I hadn't had enough!

To be honest, full disclosure, when I read about #painting September on Twitter, my heart sank at little at the thought of painting, long time since I did.

Then since I was out with my collective friends painting this morning, I figured here goes nothing, dusted off my paints last evening, what's left of them after I gave away huge amounts of material, and decided to give it a shot. Found I had a pad of watercolor paper, even.

I had to cut open the aureolin yellow, one of my favorite transparent nonstaining colors, because the tube was solid.  I cut it open and used it like pan colors, worked poifect.  And with that and a couple of other colors and a blue watercolor pencil I was in business.

 These are really strictly speaking ink and wash drawings rather than paintings.  But heck, there's color!   I used a good round sable brush and a sponge brush, one of my faves, the one inch size. And my trusty Extra Fine Pilot Pen.

Nice start to the month.  I said to one of my new art friends that joining the collective's plein air group is one of the nicest things I've done for myself in ages!  We're in a heatwave but getting out in the morning is the ticket, before the day gets too steamy.

I'm stitching away, too, some goldwork on dyed linen, but a bit too soon to be interesting to show.  


  1. Looks to me as if dusting off your watercolors was a great idea.

  2. Oh this looks like you are already having such fun! I just saw your comment on Comptonia, and sent the "organizer" (I use the term loosely) of #paintSeptember a request to join in. If neither of us gets a reply, I think we should just assume our immediate acceptance. And then YOU should post your painting :)
    I'm going to buy some watercolor pencils to augment my extremely limited palette, as soon as I find some nice ones made in Not China. I'll be starting late and doubt I'll manage to paint as often as I've drawn, but worth a try, anyway :)

  3. oh good we are now going to see your painting, have so enjoyed your sketching last month

  4. Very good to see you painting. ^_^


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