Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Painting and drawing in September goes on till the weather doesn't!

Wonderful weather today, sunny but not too hot, perfect for working out of doors.  I was the only person who showed up this week, but still had a good time.  This will go on till the end of September, but even if the group doesn't continue out of doors here, I think I will if the weather holds up.

 Interesting play with washes and fine pen.  Then I finished off the morning with a couple of very small drawings with fine pen on mulberry paper.  I'm thinking these little drawings might be really nice giveaways for the next Grow Your Blog caper, if I do it again next year.

Anyway, here's what transpired.  

picnic benches drunkenly falling about among the trees in the park, bottom is the pavilion where we meet, leaves and flowers blowing about in the wind.

 Looking across the canal

And looking back up the path to the entrance gate from the road. Fine pen on mulberry paper, these drawings about 5 inches a side.

The two paintings were on one  11 x 18, I think, sheet and I haven't separated them yet, in case I decide to frame them as one.  But I did take pix of each one, to help decide.  In fact, I'd welcome blogistas' thoughts on this:  should I separate the twins or leave them as a unit?  what do you think? They're different, but related, scenes. 

I have work hanging in two locations right now, with a third coming up in January, so I'm looking around to decide what to hang.  Doesn't have to be fiber art, in fact framed and glassed work is better in locations where I won't see them throughout the exhibit, and they'll be in food places, so better to take protected works.


  1. Love the gate drawing. Well, I love them all of course. Hard to decide about the twins. I would probably go for separating them but that's only my conservatism coming through.

  2. you have certainly achieved lots of movement in these pieces, lets hope the cold weather does not come too quickly for you as your outdoor work is so good to see

  3. I'm voting for separation too. No particular reason, other than I like them that way. Too bad you were the only person to show up, but you didn't waste your time anyway.


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