Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last paintings of September

Just a last gasp at September!  weather supposed to be rainy, but several of us showed up and had a wonderful sunny morning for working.  Rain came later, no problem at that point.

I will separate the paintings I showed you earlier.  Thanks for the input, and I think they work better as solos.  So here's today's painting and one little drawing, drawing always sneaks back in.

I am not one of those people who labor over art.  These are just the sponge brush and my fingernail, dancing over the work with very loose paint over a clear wash.  About an hour and a half total. Great fun to do, but you can't take them literally.  The drawing is the extra fine pilot pen, as usual, my fave, except on 140 lb. watercolor paper this time, as are the paintings. It's all about the changing colors as the season turns. 

And I have a little goldwork cute thing to show you, but not yet, don't want to spoil the surprise for my stitching buds.  It will all be revealed on the Princeton Embroiderers' blog princetonega.blogspot.com
in due course. This is a little motif I designed on request, so they could learn an extra bit of goldwork or two.

And a wonderful present today, a great piece of linen, a banquet cloth,stitched, hemstitched, various cutwork forms, huge, which is even now in the dryer, after a bath in Synthropol for the stains. 

It's an old piece, given to me by a person trying to slim down her household before she moves south.  I promised pix for her once I decide on its new form and home, and will show you, too. I do like to rescue old textile pieces.


margaret said...

what I so admire in your painting is the delicacy you seen able to give them all, truly delightful

Minimiss said...

As always I love your watercolours. The new gold work has me interested.