Monday, September 14, 2015

Beaded and goldwork piece goes on amid painting frenzy

I seem to have two sides of my brain going at once, how unusual for me, one the more precise and planned and elaborate world of goldwork and beading, although mine is pretty freeform as I design it, and the world of loose and unplanned watercolor, where the less precise and planned and elaborate the better.

Tomorrow I go on location painting again, and this evening it's a meeting of local artists in the gallery where we have our work on display, the exhibit I showed you a few days ago. 

But for now, it's the continuation of the golden piece, one of a series of stitchings done on my dyed linen. This one is going to be named "Anonymous was a Woman" and is a little salute to  anonymous women stitchers and beaders and dyers over the centuries. 

You'll recognize the internet symbol for the anonymous poster in here, no doubt, and the references to anonymous stitching over the centuries and the elaboration of embroidered gifts and boxes.  Anyway, that's the concept.  The beading on the right side is complete, no it's not all going to be filled in.  Next I'll work within the outer frame in some way yet to be determined.

Interestingly I was stitching this precise and careful work while listening to a wonderful, and highly dramatic Kate Atkinson audiobook -- a God in Ruins. About Halifax bombers in action in WW2 and a lot of other dramatic events and human conflicts.


Quinn said...

Nice! I'd never seen this kind of work before seeing it on your blog. And now I have m own little gold acorn from your giveaway :)

dogonart said...

Love this idea. On the subject of anonymous women have just finished reading "The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot. ebook should be available from your library. An amazing story.

margaret said...

I like the way you are only beading one half very nice indeed, Have a good time on the painting location trip

Minimiss said...

Love it.