Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Plein Air with New Friends

Great plein air session at a local park with members of the Creative Collective, which I just joined on Sunday, and clearly have become suddenly active in.  

Very friendly group of artists, generous and interesting, thanks so much for a good experience at my first plein air with you all, Michelle, Laura, Josephine, Elizabeth and Dave!

This is a weekly meeting at this location, here shown getting under way, so I have to put it on my calendar.  It fills several needs: getting out to work plein air, doing it in company, and meeting a new group of friends in art. Happy camper here.

My task today, drawing in black ink on Arches hot press paper, was to create several small line drawings for use partly as standalone drawings, but also as templates for embroidered motifs on a wall piece I'm stitching.  I've done a couple of these already and liked the results, so I'll do more.  

In search of a model

And here's today's output, posing with their models. Click to see better.

I'll be stitching them on net and Vilene with the threads I dyed this summer, then cutting out and appliqueing them.  Nice productive morning.

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  1. How neat! The line drawings are gorgeous, in and over themselves. They brought back thoughts of pencil drawn designs on tissue paper, that have come down through the German side of my family, and are reproduced in embroidery on a heavy patchwork quilt I have treasured. The quilt was a bridal present given to my grandmother in the hills of West Virginia. I am thinking, however, that the mouse eating a strawberry, was not really drawn au plein air! Can't wait to see where YOUR designs go!


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