Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plein Air with Me Mates

Another lovely plein air session with members of Creative Collective.  Hot but plenty of shade, and since I work fast anyway, plenty of time for me to make four drawings.

 Bridge over the canal

 Little blue flowers, grow all over under trees, name escapes me

 Wildflowers growing at the foot of a tree

 Elizabeth's watercolor setup -- fellow artist, and the chief encourager of me to join Creative Collective.

None of these drawings is destined to become an embroidery design, they're freestanding.  All small in scale, maybe 8 x 10, haven't measured.  A couple of them on the back of the cover from a Bristol pad, lovely rough texture, very pleasing to draw on, and I'm glad I didn't recycle it.  I kept the cardboard support for weaving.  Of course.

Part of the time I spent on the towpath of the Delaware and Raritan Canal, historic landmark sort of place, dating back to the Lenni Lenape Indians, then the Swedes in the 16th century, and later the Dutch, all of whom used it as a highway, though the Indians were probably on the parallel waterway, but same route, same reasons.

And I found that I have to be prepared for inquiries and chats on the towpath, because there's a lot of interest from passersby, on bikes and on foot.  But very welcome interest in my art anyway, if unusual for me, usually making art in solitude.

To see photographs of similar scenes from this morning, go here.

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margaret said...

I so admire your sketches, hope you are now back to full health