Sunday, August 9, 2015

New August drawing

Little ink drawing of a view of Brainerd Lake in nearby Cranbury Township, drawn from the bench HP used to like to sit on when I drove him there in his later years.  Yesterday being his anniversary, this was in the nature of a little pilgrimage and acknowledgment.  I tweeted this, without the explanatory narrative, though, and got a nice reception.

If you go over to Field and Fen to see pix of this scene, you will notice the editing I did as the artist.  I brought the bridge much closer than in life, in order to compose the image and give it more emphasis, and to frame it better with the tree on the left, and the trees rising up behind it.  Grasses in the foreground anchor the land so as to give a sense of edge to the water.  Drawing's not about copying what you see -- it's about editing and interpreting what's there.  That's the fun part!

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margaret said...

a beautiful sketch,