Thursday, August 6, 2015


Thanks to Quinn Piper, I joined up with the #drawingaugust project on Twitter, and I'm doing a drawing a day to post there.  But I thought you'd enjoy it, too.  I believe you can see the whole entry on Twitter even without membership, many wonderful works from artists from all over the world, drawing daily.

Here's what happened when I decided to draw and Marigold decided I shouldn't. She inserted herself under my arm to sleep, dislodging my clipboard which stands in for a drawing board for small works.


 Then, outside after rain, the daisies posed obligingly for me

The drawings are all done in fine Pilot pen, black, on pure white smooth paper, good for drawing.  I'll also use a watercolor paper, and do some ink and wash pieces soon.

It was an exciting time trying to get Twitter to work for me, but thanks to patient tutoring from QP, I got there.  We found that several of the unsurmountable puzzles I encountered were the result of my doing this on a tablet, gah.  

I can only upload pix from my tablet, because that's where they originate, too cumbersome to do it from camera, email, and other pathways.  But I can only see all the functions of Twitter from my laptop.  However, the Twitter membership I organized on the tablet works fine on the laptop.  All this emboldened me to put the Twitter button on this blog for your viewing pleasure.  That was another learning curve, but nemmind..

Now that I know all this, major learning in the last day for me, I'm fine with it.  Evidently the tablet only has a kind of Cliff Notes version of it, okay for casual glancing, and reading updates, but not so much for seeing a panorama of entries.

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  1. my husband is still learning his new tablet and just discovered that it dislikes Chrome, intensely. Which is fine with him, so does he. I, on the other hand, would be cooked if I'd gotten one.

    I love your drawings, and the cat is charming. Your Marigold looks a LOT like my former marigold: he was the Baby Huey of the group, big and stolid and peaceable.


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