Thursday, August 20, 2015

Drawing August, last rosebud

This is Rosie Golden's second bud, and I'm hoping for more flowers in the fall, right up to frost.  Black ink on watercolor paper. Sent to #drawingaugust.  

It's really happy to be finding new viewers on Twitter, as well as a new group of artists in Creative Collective. August has been very productive in many ways.

Once the month's drawings are done, I plan to assemble them into an artist book -- I have made a lot of a books, but forgot about the concept until another Twitter member showed her book from last year, and I decided, yessss, that's the one. 

I have to design one that will not entail piercing the drawings, though, in the binding, since some are to be framed as separate items to accompany embroidered pieces.  I'll see about that challenge when September comes.  And perhaps if I take part in Grow your Blog again next year, there will be a drawing in the, um, drawing!  for a giveaway, that is.

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margaret said...

good to read you are not only going to frame some of your drawings but those you do not frame are going into a book, you have such talent with your sketching