Monday, July 20, 2015

Some dye results

Two paintings emerged from that piece of dyed linen, using local natural dyes and some silk dye.  Two images of Plainsboro Preserve, seen from the nature center.   As I suspected, I'd made two paintings rather than one. This happens to me a lot.

One of them will go into the local artists' association Festival exhibit in September, once I decide which. The theme is local color, so mine is definitely that -- dyes made from locally picked material, to create an image of a local place, in fact where the artists plein air outing went to back in May.  It's the same viewpoint from which I made those contour drawings which I posted in here.  

Here's sunrays breaking through over the water and trees and the peninsula suggested in the background. Foliage in the foreground.

There's the lake, rippling in the foreground, the peninsula across the water, and more water around it, then a rosy sky in the background.  Foliage suggested here and there, with reflections, and cloud shapes. 


  1. AHH! lovely. like especially the 2nd pic with the rippling lake.

  2. Ah....what I have always loved in your art...the vibrant, joyous colors....and shall I add DARING use of same !!! What a treat! Mother nature and Adams, perfect together!

  3. more wonderful creations fromy ou. Earlier today I passed a link to needle and pen blog as she is trying natural dyes and thought you would inspire her more

  4. Margie, I can't seem to get an email to you, but I do thank you for making the link for my blog to your friend. Can you give me a link to her blog, too, so I can return the compliment? I googled on what I thought was her blog, but I'm not sure what I found was it!

  5. Ah, no worries, Margie, I found it by googling on my laptop and signed her up in my feed. I keep forgetting that the google function on my table is a lot more limited than on the laptop, and half the time it swears something doesn't exist which just DOES!

  6. Wow! You never cease to amaze me with your ability to produce art in so many forms. :)


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