Saturday, July 18, 2015

My dear mentor has left us, please honor her

Please join in celebrating the wonderful and long life of Maggi Johnson, my mentor and first encourager into the world of exhibiting art, who just last year came in to spend an afternoon with my weaving, giving critique and visiting my exhibit in the same building, generously asking questions and giving wisdom.

I just now discovered this had happened, and feel sad to lose her voice, but so happy to have had her brilliant and long life in our community.

So many artists have had this experience with Maggi, and we were so lucky to have known her.  Any way that honors people's talent, and art, and discovery, is good to remember her by.  And there are a couple of favorite charities mentioned in her obituary.

See more about this marvelous woman here: 


  1. what an amazing lady, she did so much with her life and to live to 97 and still be active remarkable

  2. What a life well lived, to leave such a treasure trove behind of inspiration and friendship and creative output.

  3. Sorry to hear that your mentor has left you. Gone to a better place we hope. Great that she made the age she did and was able to fill her life with the things she loved, being an inspiration to others.


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